There is no denying that the world of SEO is complex and confusing. From the endless stream of technical jargon for its own method, it is not a method of marketing for the faint of heart! anchor Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth text and backlink is no exception; in fact, there is a lot of confusion around them. The long-running debate whether the anchor text SEO holds any importance is particularly heated one, so we thought we would collect everything we know to try and clear up this matter once and for all.

What is Anchor Text?
Anchor text is highlighted, the words clickable link. So, for example, this is the anchor text. Easy! Almost.

Actually there are a large number of different types of anchor text that could be used, and they can be very important when it comes to your backlink. It all comes down to keywords that you are focusing on, so that, for this example, we will use the ‘digital marketing’.

exactly – this is when the anchor text is the keyword, such as ‘Digital marketing services from Digital Ram’.
Partial-match – If your anchor text is a variation on your keywords, it is a partial match, such as ‘expert digital marketing services of Ram’.
Branded – When a brand name is used as anchor text, such as ‘Marketing Digital Ram’.
Generic – When a generic anchor text such as ‘click here’.
Now you’ve got a low-down on various types of anchor text, understand their importance to backlinks will be much easier.

Is Behind the Anchor Text Important?

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There is much debate about whether or not the anchor text of backlinks is very important – in other words, does it affect your SEO. The fact that Google makes an algorithm hidden them tight enough not help either!

We know that in the early days of Google, do a backlink anchor text continues importance, and the fact that it has a system of anchor link spam check the instructions that it still does. The system in place called Penguin, and ensure that backlinks to your website is being used to add value not only as a marketing tactic, and the main way it does this is by making sure there is not too much exact match anchor text. This means that backlinks you should always be a mixture of the above, otherwise you could get penalized.

So, we know that Google is checking the anchor text. It is also possible that the anchor text used by search engines to give them a better understanding of your web pages and to determine the search results for your rating. In this way, it will definitely be helping your SEO – as long as your anchor text is not spam!

The importance of different SEO techniques keep changing as updated algorithms and developing digital marketing, so if you want to stay ahead without wasting all your time, why not Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth bring the experts? In the Ram, we know everything there is to know about online marketing and can use it to help you progress. If you want to know more, get in touch with us today!

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