When it comes to SEO, the smallest of changes to your website can make a big difference. Of including keywords in Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham the meta description to make sure you have a responsive site, does not always take much to meet your brand into the ranks of the search engines! But, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, either.

Of course, SEO can be simple, but it can also be very confusing, especially with Google’s secrecy over their complicated algorithms. One small decision that has puzzled the business for many years is the decision between absolute and relative links. To ensure you get the right one and see if it affects your SEO, we are here to shine a light on the problem once and for all!

Is Absolute Links?
When you put a link to a web page, there are two types of code you can use; absolute and relative. Looks the same basic code:

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If you use absolute links, the full address of the web page is displayed, including the domain, for example:

Is Relative Link?
So, what is the difference between absolute and relative link? In simple terms, a relative link does not include a website domain, not just pointing to a web page. Look at this example:

Which is better for SEO?
In terms of SEO, it looks as if the debate on the types of links are better for use is over. Answer? Well! Google’s John Mueller confirmed on Twitter that choose to either relative or absolute link has no effect on your website’s search rankings, so it really does not matter which you choose if you’re looking to hit the number 1 spot.

However, there are definitely some things you should consider when choosing between the two. The main factor is that the relative link can only be used if you connect to something within the same website – link to a different domain and absolute link is the only way to go!

If you put an internal link, however, you can choose between the two. link relatively large if your domain is ever going to change because they prevent having to go through every link and change domains written in them, while absolute links are generally easier to write and lead to fewer errors.

So, really, in the debate between Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham absolute and relative, it all comes down to personal preference and usage. Not sure which one is best for you? Get in touch with our experts at Digital Ram and we will help you out!

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