Competition in the digital market is getting tougher than ever. More and more businesses are now entering the game, thus multiplying the number of competitors. This calls for a greater need to optimize your business promotion strategy. Hence, in this article, we will tell you top 15 ways to promote your business website in 2021.

Business website promotion is a constant worry of every E-commerce organization. Customers are the life and blood of a business. Hence, in order to survive and grow, every business needs customers. On the internet, you have to make your customers find you. For this, businesses use a number of paid and organic methods to improve their visibility.

Website development is also an extremely important part of promoting your online business. This directly affects your overall UX which goes on to influence your search rankings. The higher your website will rank, the better will be its visibility. Hence, website development plays a great role in SEO. It is also important for website development. How well your website is developed goes on to determine how well you can promote it.

With all that, let’s find out the…

Best 15 Ways of Business Website Promotion in 2021?

Business Website

#1. Make your SEO game strong

Search engine optimization is a set of functions that helps improve your reach and visibility on the search engines. It is executed with the aim to help a website rank high when its target keywords are searched. Apart from keywords placement, it is important to optimize your website in a way that it higher up your dwell time and bounce rate. This will make search engines give you a ranking boost. So, there you get effective and free business website promotion.

#2. Invest in website development

Since we are talking about ‘website’ promotion, how can we leave website development? Open source CMS like WordPress can be a great idea in the beginning of an online business. However, with time, it is important to invest in website development. This is essential to meet the needs of a growing business. Moreover, as I have already explained in the point above, a properly developed website is essential for high search rankings.

#3. Have an active business blog

Content is an important part of business promotion. Therefore, your business website must have an active blog. This helps your website stay updated. Moreover, it provides space and scope for keywords placement. All this comes together to further increase the likelihood of getting your website rank high.

#4. Start an email marketing campaign

Do visitors come to your website just to forget you again? If yes, then you need an email marketing campaign. This is one such form of marketing where the audience ask to be informed. Hence, it is a very effective way of promoting your business website.

#5. Get listed on business directories

Getting listed on online business directories is another important thing to do if you want to promote your website. Many internet users prefer to go to such directories for searching different businesses. There are many good business directories on the internet like Yelp, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo! Small Business,, Whitepage, and so on. However, Google My Business tops the list.

#6. Run ads on Google

Effective website promotion is difficult (even impossible) without paid advertising. Therefore, along with optimizing for search engines, it is also important to do search engine marketing. And Google is the best option for paid search too.

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#7. Get customer reviews

Both search engines and your target market is interested to know what your old and existing customer have to say about your business. Therefore, it is important to get customer reviews. So, if you want to promote your business website, encourage your happy customers to give you reviews.

#8. Make Facebook marketing a must

From teenagers to old-timers, from your sister to the grocery shop owner in your neighbourhood, everyone is on Facebook. With over 2.60 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popularly used social networking website across the world. Hence, every business finds their target market here. Therefore, ensure to make Facebook marketing a must in order to promote your business website.

#9. B2B businesses must do LinkedIn marketing

If yours is a B2B organization, then LinkedIn marketing is a must. LinkedIn is the most popularly used social media for B2B linking. Therefore, B2B businesses must do LinkedIn marketing for their website promotion.

#10. Engage audience with Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly the most engaging social platform for the present generation. It is one most effective mediums of business promotion. Therefore, make sure that Instagram be an essential part of your social media marketing strategy.

#11. Video marketing shouldn’t be overlooked

When it comes to leaving a deep psychological impression, video is the most powerful tool. Therefore, effective business website promotion is impossible without the help of video marketing. Having an active and optimized YouTube channel for your business can be really effective.

#12. Short videos are the key

With the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram (Reels), YouTube Shorts and the likes, short videos are stealing the light. They have high engagement rates and people love to watch them. Therefore, make sure to have representation on relevant short video sharing platforms. This will help you engage your audience better and will help drive more traffic on your website.

#13. Do image marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest is also generally overlooked. However this image discovery engine cum social media platform can be really helpful in promoting your business website. This can help you capitalize on the visual aspects of your business. Therefore, if you want promote your business website effectively; make sure to market it on Pinterest.

#14. Run YoutTube ads

After Google, YouTube is the most used discovery engine, albeit for videos. But people love watching videos. And there is a big chance your target market is there on YouTube. Hence, you should advertise where you can find your target market. Thus, YouTube ads are a safe bet!

#15. Be a part of online discussion forums

Consumer searches internet for various business-related queries. There are many discussion forums on the internet dedicated to help people find answers to their queries. By joining such forums, you can connect with you target market and provide solutions for their queries—all while promoting your business website.


Website promotion is an essential function of any E-Commerce entity. However, it can get challenging given the rising competition in the digital market. Hence, in order to survive and grow in the current market, it is important to be highly effective with your website promotion strategy. In the list above, you will find various ways to do that. However, it comes down to effective website development and digital marketing.