We all impact in some way with what others suggest to us or to coin the phrase ‘word of mouth’. This happens at work, with friends and online today. It is always human nature to respect other opinions and trust their views. When there is no trust relationship strengthens further still.

This is a major behind B2C influencer marketing industry, this is an updated version of word of mouth. We all like influencer for different reasons, sometimes their lifestyle or the Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle way they market themselves, the values ​​of the people or only the content that they share with us.

Here are some interesting and surprising statistics B2C influencer marketing some …

Value of Influencer Marketing
Growth in 2019-2020 influencer marketing is expected to increase from $ 6.6 billion in 2019 to US $ 9.7 billion in 2020. Some reports say it could reach $ 15 billion worldwide by 2022.

For every $ 1 spent, businesses receive $ 5.78 in ‘media value’.

Finding Customers ‘Better’
51% of marketers believe that influencer marketing helps them to get customers ‘better’. More customers mean more conversions and sales, while high-quality customer can lead to repetitive purchases and brand advocacy.

How effective is the Influence Marketing
One B2C influencer marketing Stat massively impressed us, is that the 91% who use influencer marketing says it is an effective use of the budget, and that they think it worked. We came back was by word of mouth, which is influenced by the number?

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Big budget for 2020
66% intend to increase their marketing budgets influencers over the next year, while 16% expect their marketing expenditures influencers to remain the same as 2019. 13% are not sure about what will happen with their marketing influencers budget and only 4%, which is intended to decrease the budget they.

Influencer Marketing ROI
Approximately 65% ​​(down from 70% in 2019) to measure the ROI on their marketing influencer campaigns. This seems to indicate that some businesses continue to find it difficult to determine the ROI on marketing influencers.

The most commonly measured ROI influencer marketing in 2020 is Conversions / Sales (39%), which has gone from the bottom to top the list since 2019. The other brands are now focusing on marketing influencers use them to produce tangible results. Other campaign destination that users are most interested in is involvement or clicks resulting in 34% and 27% were interested in views / reach / impressions (down from 34% last year).

Best channel for Influencer Marketing
In the first place is Instagram with 93% of influencer marketing, it is the network of choice. In addition, 87% of Instagram considers important for their marketing influencer campaigns. Another channel looks like this; Facebook 46%, YouTube 36%, followed by 22% for Twitter and 16% for LinkedIn. A further 15% is distributed in more social networking specialists.

Influencer findings
39% of brands say they are struggling to find influencers to work with. Influencers have their own agenda and goals, but you need to be part of their community first. It’s important to take time to build trust before jumping in. A mere 14% reported finding the right influencers easy.

Fraud B2C influencer
More than two thirds have experienced fraud influencers who have been bitten in the past. That 68% have personal knowledge of fraud influencer marketing in their campaigns. It is also interesting to note that only 14% (4200+ posts Instagram rated) of influencers now fully compatible with the FTC and the CMA Guidelines.

Customer Quality of Influencer Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle Campaigns
We know that not all customers are created equal! Generally, the overall value of influencer marketing, good and attract high-quality customers.

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