I am a staunch supporter of customer centricity. By placing the individual customer at the center of your Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford marketing strategy and delivery, you have the opportunity to communicate with a fundamentally different way. Now is the time to take your foot off the pedal hard sell and switch into gear for the greater good of the customer lifetime value.

This concept includes ideas about the whole future relationship with your customers. Exploiting the opportunity to build deeper, more meaningful and thus, more profitable relationships with them. Wearing shoes of your customers, truly understand the desire and motivation and marketing strategies you never need to rely on the hard sell again.

While some organizations are winning in customer-centric marketing campaigns, many businesses I talk to and train stations, however, do the opposite. Generally, most businesses want to outperform their competitors and rise to the top of Google search results for what they perceive as their primary search term. However, this detachment from reality consumers and limiting the scope of potential viewers, it means they are really missing a trick.

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Putting this theory into context, I am often invited to speak at conferences around the world. Therefore, I want to make the most of my time in any particular purpose. With the confirmation of the two-day conference came in Portugal, I decided to see if I can squeeze in the scuba diving.

Typing in a search, such as the best dive sites in Portugal, the best diving in Portugal and what to see diving in Portugal, I would like to find some hot spots where scuba before examining the local dive operators to approach to help me explore them. It was at this point that it becomes clear how much the Portuguese diving company, for example, are missing a trick.

At the top of my search results are pages with PADI. Not only does this page come out on top but more importantly, the content is very useful for me as a customer. Offering fact easy to digest, the water temperature to where to go. Meet the requirements and expectations of information, understand the type of content scuba junkie cravings. Maps provided what I want, plus a quick call to action to find a local dive company, should I so desire.

The rest of the results page of the travel companies scuba diving, bloggers and review sites. No, a single local dive company to be seen.

The point is a Portuguese dive companies are those with their finger on the pulse. They boast of local knowledge and expertise and is ideally placed to provide a unique insight into the local diving scene. All the information I want is theirs to share. However, many businesses miss this trick because they simply optimizing their search in scuba diving center and scuba diving Portugal Portugal. The assumption is that I am ready to book their services. There is no communication with customers on a deeper level of understanding or interest or demonstration together. After serving great content on web pages PADI, I would tend toward their route recommendations.

This is just one simple example of the company focused on selling hardware. By not understanding the deeper needs of consumers, many businesses are losing out on potential custom. The thinking behind this strategy may be that it is more effective to just target consumers who have already made their decision. While this approach can indeed produce a decent conversion rate, does not take into account the number of potential customers who slipped through the net.

For many of our new clients, here in SocialB, change the strategy to embrace customer centricity can be a steep learning curve but when the ball when the light comes, the rewards Digital Marketing Company Stafford are worth it. Spend time understanding your customers.

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