Small businesses often remain a step behind because they do not opize their online presence.

This is where your Google My Business listings come into action as one of the most Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford factors to generate leads. While the benefits of Google My Business quality listings are not limited, it is important to understand what it takes to set one up.

This guide will we have a detailed look at how to efficiently manage and opize your listing.

1) Build Your List

2) Fill Out Information Services

3) Verify Listing

4) Use Target Keywords in Your Listing

5) Take High Quality Photos / Video

6) Stay Active

7) Keep Everything Up-to-Date

final thoughts

1) Build Your List

It will take you through a series of steps that must be followed correctly. Do not rush this process and take your e to understand what is expected of you.

a list of which will be an important component of your campaign on Google if the search was Google, Google Maps, or Google+.

When you make your list, there will be a set of questions about what your business is about, it is important to answer this question correctly to ensure Google ranking for the proper category. Falsifying information here will only make it harder to rank at a later date and yield good results through Google.

2) Fill Out Information Services

Information service is key and should be filled as soon as the list is being prepared.

This means you need to add key details such as:

Operation hours


Phone number)

The website address

These details will go a long way in ensuring potential leads on Google to find your business and fill in the sales funnel. Remember, the job is not done by having someone look at your Google My Business. This is only worthwhile if you can get them through the front door for a potential sale.

The information service is an important part of the process and has been dealt with patiently. This means you should take the opportunity to see what is out there and what kind of information offered by competitors. You want at least in line with what they offer in the list.

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It’s also smart to make sure the information is relevant and up-to-date

3) Verify Listing

It’s e to verify the list to make sure Google knows you are the real deal.

The list will not be approved until it has been verified, as a result, do it as soon as possible. The verification process does not take long and will ensure the right business linked to the list.

4) Use Target Keywords in Your Listing

Now it’s e to opize register and prepare for the future.

Your niche will have a list of target keywords, which are important in providing leads. You have to go out and find them, see what your competition is doing and what your business is all about.

For example, let’s imagine you are a plumbing company in New York City and want to bring potential leads for businesses. In this case, you will look for keywords such as “best plumber”. These keywords can be included in the description of your business and will go a long way in bringing new customers.

Do not underesate the power of a good keyword because they will make an important difference. You should focus on this aspect of creating a business listing. Do not just throw random Digital Marketing Company in Stafford in the description and hope for the best. Do your homework, see what other people do, and then gather a list of keywords.