Who are your customers? If you are a B2B business, you’ll need to be on a very different platform in social media, rather than if you are a B2C business. Know where your customers are.
What do your customers on social media? The same customer may exist in multiple social media platforms. That Digital Marketing Agency in Southampton does not mean you bombard him with your content and messages on all platforms. You need to catch him in the right place at the right time. Think of it this way, you could call prospects in the workplace to sell enterprise solutions or you can call their personal cell phone in the house to pitch your idea. Where are you going to call? Its a no brainer. Unless you sell them something for their personal use, alias products and services for customers, stay away from social media platforms more personal for direct marketing messages.

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Where are your influencers? If your business needs to gather momentum in social media, one way to do that is to piggyback on the followers of social media experts. Head of where they are located.
What are you selling? To brand driven design is very visual social media channels like Instagram or Pinterest can be outstanding to show the best you have to offer. On the other hand, if you sell steel components for car manufacturers, then there is only so much you can do to glorify your stuff. You might be better off in a particular industry forums or social media networking sites such as LinkedIn. If you are a company driven content, it may be in research or publication Twitter can work well to promote the latest headlines of the line materials or statements.
What are your competitors doing? See what people before you have done. Learning from their mistakes and successes.
Do you need to be present on all platforms? Sometimes a brand can take advantage of the presence in various social media platforms. But they may use each for different purposes. While the B2B business may maintain a Facebook account to engage with potential recruits on the official platform, is likely to encourage the marketing message through LinkedIn or similar forum.
What’s your strategy? Be clear about what you want from each social media platform you are present in. Sometimes, you may need the presence of the passive where you are quiet passive listener, to get an understanding of consumers or clients and their needs without Digital Marketing Companies Southampton actively involved. At other times or on different platforms you can take a more proactive approach.

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