As the digital world continues to be shaken by the news of the outbreak of coronavirus, brands and Digital Marketing Companies Stafford face difficult decisions about your online presence and marketing budget.

Some, such as toilet roll manufacturers, finding themselves in a position to support the people who flocked to the store to ‘panic buying’ important – if they can meet the demand. Other sectors that stand to benefit from the pandemic, including health, fitness, technology and entertainment for obvious reasons.

how about the others? How will they cope? They will experience a surprise drop in new business and reduced profits as a result. Now, it would be easy to take a look at your expenses, go into panic mode and switch off your marketing (such as your competitors). However, smart businesses will use this as an opportunity to advance.

This is how we see it – business has two choices:

Option 1: Jump on the bandwagon and pause all digital marketing.

Option 2: Use this time to support your customers and increase brand loyalty.

You might think “Sounds great, but how do I market my business at the time the country has gone into lockdown?”

Here are some ways that your business can take advantage of advanced digital marketing and customer support:

digital marketing for Coronavirus

1. Social media marketing

It is not surprising that social media is at the top of this list. With all the people are advised to stay at home, the number of people sitting on their phone and scrolling through social media has skyrocketed. There has been an increase of 76% in such posting ads daily on influencer (source).

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Now is the time to let customers know that you are active and able to support them. All that we see in social media feeds us is doom and gloom, ‘Breaking’ news and scare tactics of the media during this time surely. Being one post that stands out from the crowd with a convincing message. Consider how your product or service can benefit people today and adjust your marketing message. For those operating in the fitness industry, why not publish the video home exercise? Local restaurants can share recipes and guidance on healthy eating. Online home and garden brands can offer discounts on various essential products. Remember, this will not last forever. Those who continue to engage, excite and entertain customers, will be the people who maintain them long after the pandemic. You should plan to lift sales once all blow over.

2. Google and social ads

When business slows and sales take a hit, it was reasonable for business owners to temporarily suspend all ads. After all, what good is a waste of money when there is no one to buy? That’s one view. And there’s more? Yes, because not everyone tightening their wallets. For those who are ready to spend and continue life as usual, you have to put your business in front of them. There has been a significant decline in online advertising company, which has produced much lower CPC and ad spend. If you are in sectors that will benefit from advertising today, we urge you to do so.

Others who are not ready to purchase will perform later on the phone, and guess who they would approach? This will probably be the business they spent hearing about the pandemic that actively promote their products. Many people are in the research stage of the customer journey because they are physically unable to go out and buy from retailers. They will be looking for companies, like you, that Digital Marketing Company Stafford sell online. Those that appear first are the ones that will generate the most impressions, clicks and, therefore, the conversion.

3. YouTube

With YouTube must reduce the quality of traffic flow due to the surge and increased demand (source), it is clear that video ads are smart digital marketing strategies.