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Predictive analytics can help make sure you send the right message to the right customer emails in a timely manner in order to improve results.
Using predictive analytics to power up email marketing is nothing new, but it is becoming increasingly popular these days – especially for e-commerce businesses. The reason for this is that predictive analytics helps companies make smarter and faster decisions.

Check out the chart below how predictive analytics, along with the AI, helping the company in a different way:

How companies use AI

It’s no wonder that email marketing features in this list due to 40% more effective in acquiring new customers on Twitter and Facebook combined.

If you want to be smarter market, the predictive analysis. Here’s how you can power up your email marketing strategy:

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Activation or acquisitions
Do you want to send a welcome email, discount codes or coupons to the customer, the customer segments you, use A / B testing to find out if an email is more compatible with the sale, etc. can take a lot of time and work. But with predictive analysis, all the mundane tasks can be simplified. This type of analysis helps online sellers segment customers into specific groups and build the model on the basis of what is learned.

However, if you carry out this work themselves, can take a lot of time, and – as the customer data you will need updating in real-time – it can be challenging to your own customer group. For example, existing and new customers will require different services and support. You do not have the same email for new customers and customers of yours, because it will not have the same results and can affect brand advocacy.

With the help of predictive analytics, you’ll know which ones are best for the group, helping you make the best combination of promotions and welcome email. The use of data for marketing your services, also called data-driven marketing, implemented through predictive analysis, along with others such as data visualization, automatic personalization, CRM, etc.

How marketers add data-driven marketing

This can help in the growth of your first sales order up to three times and strengthen your conversion rate.

In a survey conducted by Smart Insights, marketers were asked what will contribute the greatest impact on the business in 2018. The majority of 28% voted for activities related to predictive marketing, which you can see below the chart, big data makes 14% and AI , made a 14% impact on the business.

Marketing activities of the commercial impact

Understand and motivate your customers
Once customers subscribe to your email list, you should encourage them to make their first purchase on your site. However, being too pushy will turn off customers and makes them more likely to purchase. So, what you can do is send them a welcome email first, and with the help of predictive analytics, you can find out what they are looking for.

Check the bottom of the welcome email sent by the BBC:

welcome to email the BBC

Email welcome new customers, provide information on what to expect if customers use BBC iPlayer, or if they love the drama and documentaries, among other aspects.

In this way, you can even send an Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle email asking your customer to give advice about the content or products they may be interested. In this way what, your customers are automatically segments themselves and give their preference for targeting.

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