When you run an empire, it can feel like a new task appears on your to-do list faster than they are being marked. If you are struggling to manage the hustle and grind your business, it may be time to reassess your time management skills. Luckily for you Digital Marketing Companies Stafford we have a few simple tips and tricks to help you get your to-do list under control.

Make a List and Check it Twice

If you find yourself feeling confused every time a new “to-do” pops into your head, it’s time to sit down and put pen to paper. Maintain a list of tasks and upcoming appointments can help you keep track of what is on your plate. Whenever you create a new plan or commitment, add them to your list so you do not leave with a tight deadline. Nothing is worse than it was this nagging feeling that you forgot something. Your list might look something like a story that never ends, but it is a good place to start.


Once you write a realistic list of tasks and deadlines, break big jobs into bite sized pieces. small jobs less time consuming and less daunting to overcome time. Before you know it, the pieces of the puzzle will come together and that big project you are procrastinating in the final stage. There is nothing more satisfying than beating of the work performed.

Creating a Batch

No, we do not recommend delaying by baking. Batching your upcoming tasks into the same category helps you get into the creative headspace. The need to overcome some of the graphic design project? Loading adobe workshops and the upcoming generation of artistic tasks together. Clean up your desk and spread your looming bills. You will feel relieved when a piece of your list will be marked in one sitting.

Sometimes you have to admit that you’re not a superhero. Stop stretching yourself thin and reach people around you to help. Please review your list of tasks you can delegate to your team, they’re here to support you. Remember two hands are better than one. Utilizing the skills of your team and the results will speak for themselves.

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You’ve created your list, you’ve checked, categorized and delegated the task ahead, it is now time to plan your day. Set yourself achievable schedule of priority projects. A concrete plan Ensure you do not overwork yourself in one day, delaying the deadline and waste time on jobs that can wait until tomorrow. A plan allows you factor in a meeting, make sure you’re not running late for an important client. When you know what is in store for the day ahead, start your to-do list will feel like a walk in the park.

Your Time Management

It’s easy to start with the most interesting projects and carried away. Of course, you have conquered another job and it looks amazing, but you also lose six hours out of your day. Go antiquing and took the hourglass to help you time your time management. period of time each task on your list. You’ll work faster on deadlines and ensure you do not spend excessive time on certain tasks. If you do not quite get the job done, you can always return to it later with fresh thoughts and innovative ideas. Take advantage of your time to check with your mental health, ensure you take regular breaks to clear your head. After a quick snack and a walk around the office, foggy feeling in your brain will fade make sure you can focus 100% on the task ahead.

Do not be trapped by a tight deadline or meeting forget, keep your to-do list in check and manage your time effectively. If the task ahead is still left your head spinning,  we are always happy to help you conquer your to-do list.

Some more Do’s and Don’ts


If a complaint has been made public, the immediate response on the relevant platform. However, depending on the nature of the feedback personal response could also be required.

Despite the initial shock of negative feedback, it is important to remember that there is much that can be learned when the original issue was brought to your attention and can help to improve the quality of your service or product.


Even though you want to think the best response is also important to be punctual. Provide feedback days later will reflect badly on your brand. Social media is a fast pace so that the response should not take more than an hour (during working hours). Not acknowledge complaints can also be interpreted as a lack of care for the customer or an attempt to ignore the problem altogether.

Responding to negative feedback intelligent creatures, rude or sarcastic going to get anywhere. This would mean that you do not take customer concerns seriously. Avoid brushing off their concerns, play down or make excuses.

Now you have successfully crossed the street and your customers are satisfied with your response and the issue is resolved, ask them to remove negative feedback or to leave a positive reaction.

However, in the Wild and Free Media, we know this can be a time-consuming task that may not Digital Marketing Company Stafford be up to the top of your priority list as often as you want. If you need a hand to cross the street to give us shouting and we can point you to the nearest intersection.