Well in short everything has changed in SEO!
Compared to when I first started building websites and doing SEO back in 2006 the industry has really changed Digital Marketing Company Sheffield and for the better in my opinion. Yes it is much more difficult today to get a website ranked well in the search engines, in turn, a difficult to obtain a good level of traffic for your website. But using the right methods you can actually get a lot more now than back then simply because more people use the Internet.

So what has changed in SEO?
Search Engine Used:
Back in the day there were more people use search engines: MSN, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, Excite, Google is not a search engine with the largest share of number one as far as they are now.

Page optimization:
In the past you could just spam keywords and key stage in the title, description and keywords meta tags. Spam keywords and key stage in your content and then hiding it from users in various ways, are often the same color as the background text. Using this method will now get a place and maybe even get your site in trouble.

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These days optimize titles and descriptions are all about improving click through rate (CTR) on your site when it is displayed in the search results. As used by Google for the purpose and use of ranking search results only if people click on your website when it is displayed. The content should be written for users reading your site is not bot crawl.

Link Building Methods:
In the old days there are many easy ways to get more inbound links to your site, link exchanges, directory link the purchase of other site owners. Build a network of blogs or networking sites intentionally to designate important sites link to you. All these methods are obsolete and will only make you a Google penalty dropped ranking or even dropped from their index actually you.

Now you are very limited in ways to get more inbound links you basically have to make a website people will naturally want to link because you offer good information on your website or offer a great service that people want to recommend. You can improve your ability to build your link profile by doing some outreach, actually contact the site owner and ask them to link to your site. This often works well if you can find sites with older content established which has some links pointing to a page that does not exist anymore, this way you can contact the site owner to say you read the articles they find it very interesting but the link only gives 404 error would you mind linking to my page instead.

optimization phone
Back when I started most mobile phones do not even have the ability to veiw the website and people who do terrible wrenching anything but very basic site. So optimization of cell phone does not even exist and is not a tablet.

We then moved to have an alternate version of the site to offer mobile phone users who want to view the site on their mobile phones, but this is usually something that gets overlooked and lose their ability to function, changes will be made to the main website and the mobile version just get left behind.

We are now in what Google has called the era of the first mobile only have a mobile website that separate is not enough, your site must be responsive and optimized for mobile users as a priority over desktop users because statistics now really shows more and more people are either looking at phones or tablets compared to desktops.

See Towards HTTPS
This is again something that has changed from being something nobody. For those who have online purchases must have HTTPS for secure online payment. To the point where not having your site on HTTPS setup will actually harm your search engine results.

There are also more changes for Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield SEO in this article but I have explained some as an example of how much has changed.

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