With dominate mobile search, more traffic your landing page is derived from a portable device in people’s lives. Research by Wolfgang Digital revealed that 59% of all eCommerce Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford sessions in 2016 were on mobile.

confirms what we already knew: it’s important that you optimize your pages for the best experience in mobile phones. But the standard approach to build responsive websites do not always cut it when you have a specific marketing objectives for each page ladning. So here are 18 mobile landing page optimization ideas and best practices to help you get better results.

# 1: Rethink your mobile destination

Source: Wolfgang Digital

While most of the searches done on mobile phones, 63% of eCommerce revenues derived from desktop sessions – and it’s important that we remember this. Users click through to your landing page on phones often come with different intentions, which means you may need to rethink your goal for the visitors.

Do not assume a responsive landing page is the best option for all devices. Separate landing page with a specific purpose, content and CTAs may be the way to go for mobile campaigns.

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# 2: Go easy on the copy

cell phone screen is much smaller than a desktop. Squeezing all the same content to a smaller screen can kill the flow, the layout and the impact of your landing page copy. Shorter, punchier copies made with the phone screen and scrolling in mind is another good reason to consider a separate landing page mobile-optimized.

# 3: Go easy on the visual

Visual important to the landing page but they are also demanding on the browser, an Internet connection and hardware – all of which can be in short supply for mobile phone users.

So consider trimming back visual content for mobile users and make sure you compress your files to a mobile-friendly size.

# 4: Ditch video

I’m not saying a mobile landing page should never have video but be careful with these things. First of all, forget about the background of the video at the hero. They divert attention from the main message of your yard and ask too many mobile connections and data.

As for embedding video into the main body of the page, there are also other problems. autoplay video is a no-no and get the user to click on the play button can be a problem. Is that really the action you want users to take? Probably not. And make them play hit remove the emphasis from action that you do want them to take.

# 5: Speed ​​matters

Speed ​​is always important for any landing pages but phones come with limited resources. In terms of hardware, smartphones are powerful machines these days but not everyone has the latest iPhone. Likewise, not everyone has access to WiFi endless or unlimited data. Ignore this at your peril restrictions.

# 6: The importance of mobile optimization Nail

Whether you go for a single responsive landing page or a dedicated mobile phone design, obtain important optimization is one of forgiveness. This means using scalable font sizes (em,%, etc.) and a full-width, adaptive or responsive layout. Keep the server requests to a minimum and any compress to reduce file size. And optimize your design to the touch, not keywords and click the mouse.

# 7: Do not fall for the sales AMP

You will hear a lot of press on Accelerating Mobile Pages (AMP) and the wonders it can do for loading. Google Digital Marketing Companies Stafford is now encouraging business owners to register AMP landing page but I suggest you research for AMP loss before signing up – there are plenty of them.