Instagram is a social media channel that is ideal for businesses that want to create brand awareness. But the platform is more than just beautiful pictures to share your products. If it is done right, Instagram can be a very powerful marketing tool that will help Digital Marketing Company in Southampton your business to grow sales and build a stronger market presence. Make no mistake though, and Instagram can make a fairly bleak picture for the business. There are all kinds of Instagram teachers, tips and tricks out there, but the basics of social media channels get it right is actually quite simple. So, to help you on your way to the dominance of Instagram, we have four tips to make your picture perfect post:

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  1. Post regularly
    The main thing to remember is that Instagram is supposed interactive. This is not just a story book picture look good sitting on the shelf. If you want people to actively follow the Instagram account of your business, it is important that you regularly post good quality content. There are many different opinions on what the best frequency for the post. That really comes to the nature of your business and the type of message you want to send. That said, after an hour may be too much, and once a day may be too little. You want to give your Instagram followers something to look at and talk about it without disturbing them by bombarding their feed. There is an art to Instagram post and will take trial and error to get the right frequency for your business. Just make sure you post regularly to keep audiences engaged.
  2. Post to destination
    The number one turn off for users Instagram poor content quality: blurry images, spelling errors, etc. Perhaps the biggest complaint against Instagram marketers is when writing they have no relevance to those who saw them. That’s why it’s important to think beyond just posting to Instagram for brand recognition. For example, a car manufacturer who simply put up a beautiful image of the vehicle they will have less impact than if it ran the drive Instagram encourage people to share photos of their own vehicle, creating interactive, experience around the joy of driving the car brand. Everything on Instagram where your business should have a purpose, whether it’s asking questions, highlighting the fact or calling for action. Remember, social media thrives on the interaction. Post just for the sake of it will get you nowhere.
  3. Think Instagram as a “mini-blog”
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Instagram allows a limited amount of text to accompany each image – do not waste it! While it is important to have a hash tag and other key pieces of information in the text area, there is also the opportunity to tell the story that accompanies the image, providing a context and enhance understanding. Sometimes the text could be better than the pictures! Correct writing, with a little humor when appropriate, can do wonders for your interaction. Use text allowance to ask questions and encourage the audience response. If you have a blog, link to text and use Instagram post as the gateway. Text should encourage interaction, create a destination for the post.
  4. Have a plan Instagram
    Above all, your business marketing efforts on Instagram should be coordinated with the plan. Scattergun approach will see regular posts vary, different materials that do not have a clear point. This will disrupt the normal Instagram followers and prevent others from joining. With a plan you will have more control on what you decide to say, how would you do and what you can identify the key metrics for measuring effectiveness. You can make a mixture of post pictures, infographics, competition and even Digital Marketing Companies Southampton a quote to share that all planned out, share a common thread.

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