Web design is an integral part of every website. And we all are aware of the importance of a great website for a business. A good website means good business. Every web designer is trying to create a perfect web design which benefits the company or organization he is creating it for. So, if you want to take up web designing as a career you need to know the web designing mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs to make a flawless web design.

Web design is actually a process which involves conceptualizing, strategizing and creating a business in an attractive and appealing visual layout. It basically consists of textual content, images, video content, colors, fonts, different styles and different shapes like buttons, icons and spacing which all come out together as a layout. These were the visual components.

The functional components of a web design includes loading speed of the website, navigation of the website, animation, it’s user experience and user-interaction, all of which give the website it’s consistency and makes it responsive.   

Web designing mistakes you need to avoid

Web designing mistakes

Here are listed few web designing mistakes you should not make if you want to design a great website in order to provide exceptional web services to your audience which will eventually help to grow your business.

Lets get right into it

➨ Stuffing with too much content

This is one of the most common mistake that web designers make while designing website. They stuff the site with too much content. It can be the other way round also. Like some designers put too little content on their website which also affects their site negatively. Cluttering the website with too much content was highly popular and successful in the early days but its not the case anymore. Now this act will make the website look like a mess.

The biggest mistake you can do is to not build scalable design from the beginning. Then you have to constantly re-structure your website again and again. So to avoid that situation, make your website well structured. Divide your website interface into different pages like user profile, product category, product information, user interaction etc. Divide the web pages into reusabale blocks. Each block should be dedicated for one functionality only. Your website should look clean and easy to navigate.

➨ Overlooking design thinking approach

This is the most common and unknown mistake that designers make without realizing it. Before you start working on something you need to do some background research on that particular project. But if you don’t do the necessary research and just jump on to the actual work then you will end up creating a mess. This is because you didn’t have any strategy and planning to carry out your work in a systematic manner.

So, before getting into the actual designing process, you need to ‘design-think’ which means first you have to research about your targeted audience, their needs and preferences. Then you need to do some brainstorming on the information that you collected through your research. According to that, think of a design that will suit your audience needs. Draw the layout in your mind on a paper.

Then after you have done the necessary research and the design layout on the paper. Make a plan how you will start the actual process, divide the whole process into different time periods. Distribute the time according to the difficulty level of the process. Devote the maximum time to the process which is relatively difficult and more time-consuming. After you are done with the necessary planning start your work.

➨ Not giving importance to security and responsiveness of the design

This is another common mistake that you should not make. Web security is not just a technical aspect of website but it is to some extent related with the website design. The website security should be prioritized at the start of the design process itself so that potential web security loopholes can be averted.

Besides this, the web design should be responsive as well. It should not just be responsive on the desktop site but it should be well optimized and responsive for mobile devices too. Ignoring mobile phone users can create a huge problem for you. As most of the audience use mobile phone these days. So, don’t ignore such a massive audience. Make sure the website provides a great user experience with good loading speed and enhanced user interface.    

➨ Ignoring grids and columns in design

If you are still relying on the old ways of presenting the content by using flexbox, breakpoints and floats then you are making a big mistake. It will only hurt your website and ultimately the business. Gone are the days of these old designs, now you need to adopt new design to present your content. It should be well-architectured and well-structured.

For example, if we talk about the structure of e-commerce websites, how they have dedicated columns for different categories which serves as navigation pane for the user. And it gives the user the freedom to easily browse the site. Otherwise the user will get confused and might leave the site without availing your service or buying your product. Grids and columns are highly used in successful websites.

➨ Unclear CTA

Having a clear CTA is important because if your user doesn’t get the compelling CTA at the right place then the conversion will not happen. Overusing CTA may irritate the user. In order to push the prospect from marketing stage to conversion stage you need to have clear CTA (Call to Action) at the suitable place.

To sum up

Web designing is an important part of website development process. It is very important for a web designer to keep these mistakes in mind in order to avoid them. To create a flawless website is not something that can’t be achieved. Many people have done that and any designer can as long as he doesn’t make these above mentioned mistakes.