Warren Buffet famously said – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Same goes for our websites too. It takes a lot of hard work to build a successful website and just one hacker to destroy it. These anonymous beings with no face and no identity have the ability to shut down an entire business or even an entire country. So, What are some ways you can follow to secure and protect your website from hackers?

July 2020, when the world was already dealing with the world’s biggest pandemic, another incident shook the entire world where people lost more than one hundred thousand dollars in the Twitter cryptocurrency hack in which World famous public figures like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos became the victim of this cyber-attack when their twitter accounts got hacked for which a teenager from Florida, USA was charged. This shows how vulnerable our internet is. How much web security has become a hot topic these days.

Every website is on the line of getting hacked. But the main motive of hackers here is not just to shut the system down. But it is a gate through which hackers tries to steal the users data which they use in spammy practices by sending them spam mails or messages that often contains spam links, the user’s data can be used for carrying out illegal work.  

So it is really important to make sure that your website is safe and secure. Here are listed few methods you can implement to protect your website from hackers

Some Ways to Secure And Protect Your Website From Hackers

Protect Your Website From Hackers

# Updation of software from time to time

Updating is really necessary in the ever changing realms of technology. Running outdated website makes it vulnerable to hackers. Updating software from time to time is important to protect your website from getting noticed by the hackers. Updating software brings latest features and enhances the overall performance of the website. You may not protect your website if it doesn’t stay up to date.

# Strong Password

Apart from updating software it is equally important to have strong and unique username and password. Many people keep passwords that are easy to remember but they are more prone towards cyber-attacks. Most of the websites and accounts get hacked due to passwords which are easy to guess. Also, the passwords should be changed regularly. If there are multiple accounts associated with a website make sure that every account has different password. Username and passwords should not be ‘all alphabets’ but they should also contain numerals and special characters.

# Multi-level Authentication

Recently this method’s use has been on the high rise. Multi-level authentication involves stepwise login where the user is asked to enter the password first and then after that it asks for OTP which is sent on the user’s mobile number in the real time and is generally valid for few minutes. So it is a more reliable method to eliminate the chances of login by a fake user who might hack the website then.

There is another way to eliminate the bots that are used by the hackers. Many websites asks their user to prove that they are not robots which may sound weird but as already been mentioned, there are bots who has been programmed to hack your website. So next time you prove yourself a human on a website please don’t get offended.

# Less login attempts

Another method to secure your website is by limiting the number of login attempts. It is possible that the hacker would be able to crack the password by trying different combinations and attempting login multiple times. So if the number of login attempts is less, this probability will go down. This makes sure that the hacker gets less number of chances to make the right combination.

# Restrain hackers from uploading files

It is another way by which hackers can make their way through into your websites. If you allow any user to upload files on your website without any pre-verification or even after verification in some cases it is more likely to get hacked. Hackers can managed to get into your database by uploading PHP files that have the ability of executing command on the website.

# Block PHP execution

PHP files contain a type of computer language that has the ability to execute commands on a website. Presence of this file indicates a sign of hacking activity. Hackers can control a folder if that has a PHP file inside it. By accessing these folders it becomes easy for the hackers to get hold of the website. To prevent this potential hacking activity you can block PHP execution in folders.

# Fort of Firewall

A firewall is a crucial security software that checks for all the online traffic, incoming or outgoing through your network. It can stop hackers from accessing your computer via internet. It also protects your system from malware attacks and basically blocks all the unauthorized access to your system.

Firewalls are often termed as first line of defense. Trojan viruses are used by hackers to sneak in to your system and steal personal data such as history, passwords or even banking details. Firewalls acts like a fort against this army of hackers.


It is very necessary to stay protected from hackers who can access your website and create havoc by using your site for illegal activities. By following above ways you can at least stay updated on your part because no method is full proof against hackers. But we can at least stay one step ahead of them.