As the speed of COVID-19 continues, family, friends, and business experience in the struggle of the maximum level. This disease has a significant impact on everyday life, whether it shopping for needs or socializing with friends and family.

There is tension felt at the global level, and those of us lucky enough to have a house to stay safe and technologies to connect this experience with a very different way to those without Digital Marketing Agency in Stafford housing, or who have lost their income overnight.

Thus, there has been a major shift in the amount of time spent online (in countries where this is possible). And while brick and mortar physical business is forced to close and dramatically suffer from this pandemic, eCommerce is booming!

As the lockdown began to become more normal, and people are starting to adapt, it only makes sense to look at changes in customer purchasing behavior in response. Clear pattern will panic buying, with sanitary products such as disposable gloves increased by 670% in March (2020 vs. 2019) and the supermarket shelves were completely emptied.

But we’re talking about after the panic had settled, and the key question of this salary increase. How do consumers respond to, and why?

There are two simple explanations for understanding consumer behavior during COVID-19, which you can utilize to support your business through this crisis. By making sure that your marketing does not exploit the uncertainty and sympathizing with the user needs and circumstances, there is no reason why an active market can not be successful this time.

People Are Trapped In their Mobile Phones

If you are not yet online or look at your mobile phone today, you lie – you read this article, right?

Although the physical world we might have stopped for the moment, the digital world is only accelerating faster and faster. emerging trends and even challenged to help our health care, such as ‘Run 5 Donate 5 Challenge’, will the virus.

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If you manage to see through smoke and rise above the negative spread of disease you will see the community pull together to fight this crisis. It very important to stay positive during this time, given the luxuries that many of us have that we take for granted. It is time that can be defined by love and understanding, which is reassuring.

From a business perspective, the number of additional social media users who will tirelessly scrolling through their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, for example, can serve as a mega profit for your marketing.

Think of all the extra everyday users will see your ad and could convert into sales!

Not only that, but the cost-per-click (CPC) on platforms such as Facebook have fallen dramatically to around $ 0.09 in March, save a little money and allow the company to be a bit more experimental with their marketing.

Purchase To Boost Morale

Being stuck in the room, with the opportunity to exercise once per day, can be demotivating for people who spend most of their time outside. And while the safe (not stuck) at home, their hair extensions, which are chocolate truffles, may be just what they need to ‘pass’ is a pandemic.

Those who are able, to exert their right to purchase, despite the risk of financial uncertainty after this lockdown. The people have spoken, and they want eCommerce!

Although some sources suggest the fall of health and fitness industry, home exercise videos and exercise classes online are very popular today. In fact, one of our clients sells has Digital Marketing Companies Stafford resulted in more than £ 23,000 in sales and we are only halfway through the month. It already surpassed their March sales by more than £ 8,000 – and the month is not over yet!

Factors that increase the number of online purchases is disposable income.