8 Effective methods to enhance conversion rate of your website

The most important thing for any brand is the conversion rate of their site. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that convert into customers which means who actually complete a transaction for a product on your site. The average of websites conversion rate is around 2 percent which is […]

Importance and Components of a Landing Page

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” A very Cliché statement. But does it hold true in the 21st century? Let’s face it. Everybody judges everything by cover, be it a book, a restaurant or even a person. Human tendency is to make their opinion of something by the first […]

What are the factors that can hurt your E-Commerce website

Nobody can deny that they haven’t, at least once in their lifetime, gone to the malls or shopping complexes for window shopping and didn’t actually buy anything. I have, many times. Gone are the days when everybody used to go to the retail stores to purchase groceries or electrical appliances. […]

Would you be able to Prevent Your Website From Being Boring?

With the customary implantation of responsive plan and generally standard plans utilizing network formats, the topic of in the event that you can keep your site from being exhausting has as of late sprung up. It is a decent inquiry that merits an answer. Let’s be honest, over the previous […]