The most important thing for any brand is the conversion rate of their site. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that convert into customers which means who actually complete a transaction for a product on your site. The average of websites conversion rate is around 2 percent which is pretty good. That means 2 customer on 100 visitors. Conversion rate is a very important part of any digital marketing campaign. Every marketing analyst aims to enhance conversion rate of their site.

When a visitor comes to your website and he sees a lot of things all over the place he won’t convert. He will exit your site. If you are a marketer then it is very important for you to remove these types of barriers to conversion. You need to analyze the reasons behind the low conversion rate of your website. No matter what the reasons are you definitely want to enhance your sites’s conversion rate. Because higher conversion rate means more business. You must be wondering how you can enhance the conversion rate of your site. Then stick around because I will discuss eight effective methods you can employ to enhance conversion rate.

8 Methods to enhance conversion rate

enhance conversion rate

Let’s see 8 effective methods you can use to enhance conversion rate of your site

1. Remove Distractions

Having a web page filled with distractions will only contribute in reducing the conversion rate of your website. When a user lands on your web page then it will be best to not have many distractions on your site.  Your landing page should be clean and precise. It should be easily navigable. Don’t include unnecessary stuff. Give the visitors what they need to know. The important things to include on your web page are

  • Heading and sub-heading
  • Relevant content with necessary visuals
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Advantages and features

You can include a live chatbot so that the user can get all the information at one place. Just do away with the distractions.

2. Add pop up to your site

According to a study conducted by Sumo, average rate of conversion for all pop-ups is 3.09 percent.  By adding pop-ups to your site, you can increase the conversion rate. Here are some tips you can use for getting the highest conversion rate for your site.

  • Try some offers like premium content, PDFs, different products etc. until you can find the right winner.
  • Put a 30 second delay timer on the pop-up, this keeps them from annoying.
  • Make sure the pop-up is easy to close.
  • Set a cookie so that pop-up appears once per user.

By ensuring these things are in place you can make a huge progress in your conversion rate. This way nobody will be annoyed and you will get the benefit.

3. Eliminate non-required form fields

Filing online form is already an irritating task to do and on top of that if the form has some unnecessary fields then it can become really annoying. So remove the unnecessary fields from the online form. Just keep the required fields that are essential from business point of view.

It is very much possible that your signups can be high but they won’t enhance the conversion rat. This is due to that fact that the form doesn’t include the essential fields that are required to follow up the leads. So try to make the right balance between the critical leads and keeping the fields to minimum numbers but don’t miss any required field.

4. Include reviews and ratings

It has been found in many surveys that reviews and ratings are likely to convert the visitor. Everybody prefers to see the experience of somebody else for a particular product. Whenever you browse a product on an e-commerce website you definitely see the reviews by other customers. That helps the users to make their decision. So give your existing customers the opportunity to review your products and services so that you can get new customers.

5. Conduct A/B test

Headline is the first thing user lay their eyes on. If it is attractive and attention worthy then you will likely to get a convert on your site.

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people read the headline but only 2 out of 10 read the rest of the content. So if your headline is not good enough then that will make the visitor to hit the back button after he reads the headline.

The variables that you need to experiment with while A/B testing the headline

  • Length of the headline
  • Tone
  • Use of statistics
  • Use of numerals

6. Offer full refund guarantee

One thing I check whenever I want to purchase something online is the refund policy. If the product is non-refundable then I might not buy it. But if it is refundable then i might take the risk and buy it.  Full refund guarantee reduce the fears that customers have about the quality of the product. They fear what if the product they would receive is damaged or defective. Hence, it is important to have a refund policy so that the customers can take the chance without any fear.

7. Include live chatbot

In this fast track world everybody wants the information quickly so it is time-wasting for some people to just browse the whole site. Thus, by having live chatbot on your site will keep those visitors hooked on to the site. The live chatbot will provide all the information the visitor is looking for real time to multiple visitors. This saves the time of the visitor so he would likely to visit your site again.

8. Countdown timer

People tend to do a task when they know the time is running out. So this strategy can be applied here. By adding a countdown timer to your landing page may increase the sense of urgency among the visitors and they may end up buying a product which will lead to higher conversion rate. It will be more effective if the countdown timer is added for a limited period discount offer.

To sum up

Having a higher conversion rate is very necessary for any business that is online. By following the above tips you can enhance the conversion rate of your site. Tracking of conversion rate is equally important. By doing that you can analyze where the work needs to be done.

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