With today’s consumers are being attracted by the originality and increasingly resistant to traditional advertising methods, it is not surprising that the popularity of the original advertising continues to grow.

Forecast highlights the potential for advertising soon dominated by Business Insider reports recently Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham claiming 74% of US ad revenue will be generated by the original advertisement in 2021. The Native Advertising Institute also recently predicted that spending original ad world will reach 33% of the ad revenue in 2018.

With Internet traffic expected to triple within four years, with more than half visit a content provider according to Cisco, it is easy to understand why the original advertising across digital channels will continue to be of great value to the brand.

For advertisers, the original offer ways to out-maneuver ad blocking software and banner blindness. It is also a means for brands to establish deeper relations and better engagement with consumers, while marketing its products in a way that appears invited, not forced.

Studies show consumers also appreciate the original ad. Ask Advertising Research Institute found 74% of publishers feel genuine value-added advertising to readers and viewers, while the study of Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab to find content sponsored visits at the level of 26% compared with the editorial has a rate of 24%.

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Today, the largest segment of the original ad spending is on social media, the original display ad style become the fastest growing segment. online articles and video content are also considered to be very effective. Another example of the original ad, including Google paid search results, sponsored pins on Pinterest and link content-recommendation at the end of the article.

The original ad on social media benefit from mixing well with other posts from the user, for example, promoted tweets and sponsored posts on Instagram or Facebook. If it is a popular social media site, sponsored posts can have a huge reach and advertising also feed into SEO brand. social media sites allow consumers to engage with ads for the original to share, comment or like, which is also helping to build brand awareness, increase the credibility of the message, inviting a greater exposure and can drive new traffic to brand websites, Facebook pages or blogs, etc.

user-generated content might be the way most preferred and cost-effective native ads on social media. It involves social-media users, who are also consumers of certain brands products, using their social platform to promote the brands favored by competition or creative campaign, for example, active wear apparel brand Lululemon asking customers to send Instagram pictures of themselves wearing their products with #thesweatlife hashtag.

Influencer marketing offers another approach to the original ad, in which the influence of social partnership with the brand, payments are often involved, and use their blogs or social media platform to provide brand information that has been tailored to the interests of their audience and benefits, while consumers enjoy the given information from an individual who they believe.

Another benefit of the original ad on social media is the opportunity to place ads with the right audience. This can be done by targeting existing customers or find a lookalike audience who can be identified from the search interests, demographics and even produced a psychological analysis of features such as Facebook likes. Examples of targeted marketing including Twitter allows advertisers to Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham gain exposure to users who use hashtags or keywords within them, for example, deliver Tweet promoted to someone looking for a restaurant recommendation, or LinkedIn helps B2B marketers to show their content to users based on their job title or industry.

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