Customer service, word of mouth, referrals and reputation is an important factor for any business, especially during times of growth or change. They all can affect the business both Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle positively and negatively. Global connections between people, consumers and businesses is stronger than ever and has been reinforced by the ease of use and reach of social media. The ability to vent frustrations about the service or lack of ease and the potential for it to reach mass audiences quickly quite scary if you run a business. We have seen the Facebook posts, Twitter posts and videos about customer interactions with businesses go viral and make it into the mainstream media the same day.

Managing customer expectations through social media can be a difficult task. It’s even harder if you run a small business where it is likely that you juggle multiple hats each day. If you are a large organization can be difficult to manage the sheer volume of customer interaction on social media. Why is it important to manage now and in the future? It’s quite simple. Customers like to interact with the brand and business in social media for several reasons:

They can get instant feedback on questions and problems
They can openly frustrated air, which puts more responsibility on businesses to respond
They can do it anytime and from anywhere
customer service and interaction through social channels will not be going anywhere and in the long term so you must figure out how your business can take advantage of social media to not only the sale, but to create a positive experience for your customer base, which can lead to greater retention , more referrals and increased word of mouth sales.

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Here are some simple ways to manage your customers and improve your service through social media if you run a small business. If you are a small to medium business the biggest problem you usually have time. Running and managing social media accounts can be time consuming. If you manage customer requests, complaints and inquiries through your social channels, you may find it difficult to keep up with demand. Here is how you can overcome these challenges:

Setting up a standard response to frequently asked questions. If you have questions repeated to prepare a simple response that you can copy and paste. You can also build a walk FAQ page on your website where you can advise customers to see when they ask a question you already have an answer to. This not only improves your response time, but also drive traffic to your site.
Acknowledge and respond later. In the social media people after the instant communication especially when they have an urgent problem. Prepare a standard acknowledgment that you have looked at the question and then respond then the right time. If you are at least acknowledging that would make them feel more comfortable than waiting for you to prepare a full response.
Use social media monitoring tools, or link your social media accounts to scheduling platforms like Hootsuite. Here you can monitor mentions on Twitter or post on Facebook, and you can easily respond from the same screen. This will reduce the time associated with managing multiple social accounts and customer inquiries
Finally, as a last resort you can hand the social media management and monitoring into a dedicated team, organization or employee in your business.
If you are running a larger organization with several teams, managers and employees individual things can get a little confusing. social customer service, interaction and response should all be part of your social media strategy as a whole. Like the other Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle core part of your organization should be focused on getting all the different components of your social media plan to work together as one.

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