I came across this website useful through my feeds in Google Reader and I recommend it to everyone!

What is that?

This is an online conversion tool that Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield creates original ttf True Type font from your own handwriting.

How can I do this?

You download a simple PDF template, print off and fill the box with your handwriting. The website suggested to keep the typography guidelines to ensure the accurate conversion of your fonts. Once completed, you then scan the image in high resolution (300 dpi) and upload them to the website.


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You can then font names and copyrights in your own name. Then it only takes a few minutes to process, the website provides a link for you to download fonts, and Voila!

It is great fun and we got the whole office to complete a pile of forms. Especially useful when the credit crunch is active and you can set up multiple fonts that are interesting Digital Marketing Companies Sheffield for both personal and commercial projects.

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