We as a whole know – to utilize the frequently rehashed express – that “quality written substance makes all the difference” in SEO. In any case, what occurs if your site has practically no substance, or you don’t have the assets to put resources into a substance advertising system?

There are various reasons why a site may have little-composed substance. Frequently, it is because of working in an area where great UX depends less on content and more on different resources, similar to visuals and video. On the off chance that your clients are searching for pictures, for instance, it looks bad to barrage them with squares of composed substance. Another purpose behind having restricted substance is that you essentially come up short on the assets to create it reliably and at a sufficiently high quality to contend.

Yet, having a site with minimal substance doesn’t really imply that SEO is certainly not a practical promoting channel. Discover how to improve your site’s natural execution without putting resources into content with the accompanying tips.


Ensuring that Digital Marketing Agency in Bristol site can be crept is crucial to getting natural traffic in any case. While there are many positioning variables, there are truly three all-encompassing ones: connections, substance and specialized contemplations. While content unmistakably assumes a job here, on the off chance that your site is low on substance, at that point you’ll certainly need to guarantee your site is in fact sound by playing out a specialized SEO review.

Initially, your site should be available to both web indexes and clients. Ensure that your robots.txt document isn’t preventing key pages from being gotten to and listed, and that your sitemap.xml is state-of-the-art and matches the structure of your site. Furthermore, guarantee that your site has a strong URL structure and that you’re not inside connecting to broken pages (which return a 404 mistake) and pages that divert.

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Capitalize on METADATA

Metadata is information about information. Web indexes utilize this information to all the more completely comprehend what is the issue here, while some metadata is utilized via web crawlers to give clients more data. For instance, any page ought to have a meta-title and meta-depiction. The meta-title isn’t obvious on a page (so it doesn’t mean adding extra substance to a page), while the meta-depiction is a short synopsis of a page that is just noticeable on the web crawler results pages (SERPs). In the event that a page is lacking in substance, at that point, at any rate, you’ll need to ensure that it has a distinct page title and meta portrayal. You can follow a short on-page advancement agenda to guarantee that this is totally finished effectively.

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At the point when we’re discussing destinations with minimal substance, what we for the most part mean are locales with restricted composed substance. Such destinations may, truth be told, have a lot of substance; for instance, pictures. Like a site by and large, pictures also can be streamlined for search.

There are two primary ways you’ll need to advance your visual resources. Right off the bat, because of page load speed being a significant (yet aberrant) positioning variable, pictures should be compacted so they are as little as conceivable without giving up quality. For WordPress locales, this is handily done utilizing a module like WP Smush.

Besides, Digital Marketing Agency in Cambridge need to use all the metadata accessible to make it clear to web indexes what a particular picture is. These graphic labels, perceptible via web indexes, give them more printed substance to work with, portraying the picture in words so it is comprehensible by crawlers.


Because your landing page and primary pages are generally content light doesn’t imply that you need to avoid away from text content totally. One approach to keep a negligible UX for principle pages yet at the same time give web indexes (and human searchers) with the substance they need and love is by adding content-rich pages further in your webpage structure.