If you’re wondering where the attribution model to use for your business, there may not be the correct answer. Attribution model is a tool in Analytics and Google ads can be used Digital Marketing Company in Stafford to assign credit to the different touch-points on the way to conversion. Understand your customers’ purchase behaviors is important.

Let’s quickly compare two products and customer’s path may take before finally making a purchase.

Product: Mobile Phone Charger

A cell phone charger is the purchase of low risk and requires a little research. When buying online, customers are not likely to do a lot of research and make a decision relatively quickly.

Product 2: New Cars

On the opposite side of the scale, the new car will be classified as high-risk purchases and requires more research. If the customer does not know what they want, they need to do some digging. Consider the various options available within their budget. Then from there, they can find some options. Once they have a short list of cars, they then have to find where the value is. Who have little mileage? Colors do they like best? They then might take it for a test drive. Cycle can take weeks or even months before a customer makes a purchase.

The key takeaway here is that some products are more important for the buyer than the others and trips they take to reach the end of the funnel can look very different. So from the perspective of the organization, there are questions to be answered.

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Where the first customers came into contact with us?

What good is the final touch before the sale is closed?

How many times they visit your site in between and through what channels?

It can be quite difficult for all parties to reach agreement on the attribution model is best, because Digital Marketing Companies Stafford everyone wants to take credit for the acquisition. So what is the best option? Let’s dive into the different models and reviewing several scenarios where they will fit in nicely.