In recent years, it has become common place to have some sort of internet access on mobile phones. Whether it’s satellite navigation, a simple e-mail processing, or full access to the Digital Marketing Agency in Stafford World Wide Web, this new technology is definitely here to stay. Most of the mainstream, popular websites have made the transition to mobile, as well as some smaller personal site.

“Web-based application that works on the desktop, mobile and soon, the TV screen is the norm and not the exception today” – Alec East, Director Do Tank Studios.

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Who use them?

Some examples of websites that have made the transition:

Nike Bootcamp (created by AKQA)

Unilever – Lynx Effect (created by BBH)

  • received a yellow pencil at the 2008 D & AD mobile marketing awards.

Tohato (made by Hakuhodo)

  • received a yellow pencil at the 2008 D & AD mobile marketing awards.



So how does this affect you? As someone who may only have a small personal website or sell products or services to run a large organization, you can lose potential visitors to your Web site to ignore these media types. mobile site is the fastest growing sector in line with the increase of 58 per cent in UK Unique Visitors from 7.7 million in July in July 2009. According to research conducted for Toyota, it seems clear that adding mobile for online campaign you provide more than 40% lift in brand only. Can you really afford to lose?

Already there are many resources that are available to help make the transition from your current website, for the version that is suitable for various types of existing mobile platforms. So there is no time like the present to get started!

How to make them?

“If you are familiar with designing a Flash game, Flash Lite then it should not present a big problem for you. Similarly, if you can design CSS-driven sites in Dreamweaver, it should be very simple to adapt the design focus for mobile screen sizes. ” – Alec East.

Some great resources to get you started:

Building and developing mobile optimized websites, campaigns and applications

Build a mobile site, in minutes – Choose the right platform for your needs and you can build and launch your mobile site using our highly intuitive and easy to use tools.

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Winksite is the first standards-compliant mobile website builder which also included RR-driven content distribution and mobile-tuning community features such as forums, chat, and polls.


MobiSiteGalore new mobile edition now allows you to build a complete mobile website all by yourself, only with your mobile phone.

Whether you are creating a mobile Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford website? Is it as simple as it sounds? We would love to hear your feedback!

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