From the outside to the inside, we have discussed how content strategy can adapt, shift and respect the Digital Marketing Company Stafford movement going on around us, generate sustainable solutions, and guide our clients on the best way to tell their story in today’s current climate, as well as our own.

Communication is the key, and although we were all separated, this discussion has brought us closer.

The takeaway was: education.

We have invested our time to learn more.

Pushing ourselves on what we think we already know.

Take the time to be inspired, enjoy amazed, and really see what other people are doing when it comes to supporting local communities and make an impact.

So we want to start with a story that really inspired us. It was raw. It was thick. And it was bold.


Ohh Deer, a company gift to share a new post is a prime example of how brands can use an honest experience to show consumers their values ​​as a company.

Customers have written to the founder, asked for a refund because they do not realize that their subscription box will donate the proceeds to the LGBT community.

The founders graciously shared their messages and responses.


64% of consumers confidence-driven buyers who want the brand to deliver on social issues, as well as products.

But it was not enough to show your support, they want to be active. The level of engagement needs to be clear and more than ever, they want the company to share personal experiences about what the movement, initiative, and the means for their campaigns. This is what the founder of Oh Deer do. They make it personal. Because it should be.

Consumers increasingly believe the brand to take a stand.

our Take

What are you willing to take a stand on? And when the right time to talk, and when it’s time to listen? Asking questions, but always return to the values ​​of your company itself makes a huge difference. With today’s current climate, it makes us all pay close attention to how we do business. Using the story of your brand to make an impact, to make conversation, and end up doing more than just selling products, invite you to the wonderful world combine business savvy with social values. What every company should be built on.


your tweet, your voice.

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When it comes to humanize the brand, what better way than to actually add noise to the strategy? bluebird is on again. Because think about how many times 280 characters is not enough? conversational nuances lost in translation, and things out of context. Not anymore thanks to twitter launched a new feature that uses your own voice.


360 degree branding.

It’s not enough just to read something … we want someone to read it to us.

But wait, now we want to talk about it and listen to audio books. So naturally, we downloaded a podcast.

But we want more.

We want to hear, read and see … fortunately we have a “behind the scenes podcast” to it. But what is next?

My point is, the content flat just not doing it for us anymore. We want the full experience. That’s why twitter is to something gold.

our Take

Twitter tweet audio element that we should not overlook is the fact that players who appear at the bottom of the app, allowing you to scroll Twitter while listening. So this means that Twitter can make a play at hosting a long-form audio or audio background.

Well, it’s a very interesting step. So in Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford response to that, how would our friends in Insta respond? Is the voice caption next to help us go beyond the screened image and add more storytelling context? Who knows…. until then, we will fly to twitter this trend.

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