If you work in any form of PR in which you are in contact with journalists often, you’ll know you must be strategic in how you approach them. Yes, basically you just send an email, but there is so much more than that. You sell campaigns and / or spokesperson Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford to them, and you only have a few lines to get your pitch.

Your outreach is important – but how to follow up? We have written this post to share some key rules and insight for email outreach and follow-up, to help you get more coverage and link from the campaign.

Out of range
As everyone in the industry knows digital PR, journalists receive hundreds of emails per day, so what you need to do to stand out in a crowded inbox?

Say that you have to build your link building campaign, whether it is to go and everyone on your team is fully clued up on all angles and story hooks. You now need to go out and landed some coverage and links from some top-tier publications, so, how do you do it?

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At this point, the key was to make sure the email pitch you have absolutely everything a journalist might need to cover your story: key statistics, maybe the headlines, pictures, comments / quote, press releases expert.

But, remember the first thing they will see when you email them is your subject line – so make sure it’s a good’un.

We want to follow the ‘INTRO’ rule:

Attractive & impact
New & happening now
Strict – less than 10 words
Precise and accurate
Outstanding – basically, it newsworthy?
Of course, you also need journalists approach that tends to cover part of the subject of your story – make sure you do your research and showed journalists who have obviously taken your time in getting to know what they want from a story.

Every PR have been there when you’ve been super tactical ping your email to a group of reporters, had a few days and you still have not heard anything back or obtain coverage.

It is important to note at this point that journalists receive hundreds of emails per day and can not respond to them all, so do not blame yourself. But now we find ourselves in limbo – we gave them a little naughty follow-up email to see if they are interested in our story, or we back ourselves and pray that banging our, email super-personal enough to get through, and the most important gain links?

I’ve been in PR – both traditional and digital – for a good few years now, and always find myself the weight of two minds:

My email was perfect, a great story, they will be the feature at the right time.
They received so many emails a day, it might have been lost in their inbox so I’ll just give them a polite email to let them know I’m here if they need anything else.

Yes, there is a third option, that this story is not interesting for journalists, but if you’ve done your homework on the topic they are writing, you must make sure that it is.

It seems that no one approach is right Digital Marketing Companies Stafford or wrong with this, but we want to dig into this a little deeper and see what the rest of the industry is thinking – so we set up a Twitter poll.

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