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The last decade has been favorable for small business ecosystem. Need an online grocery brand India, Big Basket, only 8 years to become a unicorn. Today, SMEs do not need a truckload Digital Marketing Company Stafford of investment for marketing and advertising or to generate valuable leads. A website that is well designed or interactive mobile applications can be a great asset to drive sales, increase revenue and help reach to millions of customers in no time at all.

Here one needs to note that random websites with mediocre design will not do the trick. In a market of more than 2 billion active sites, you will need to embed the lead generation techniques in every cell of your online assets and the website needs to stand as a point of first contact.

During the development phase of your website, ask your team to maintain the following parameters and go live with the site won the work for you 24×7.

Responsive design
Surfing the internet has moved from computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets long. From reading blogs to shopping for clothes, people are now connected to more business on their portable gadgets. You may not be able to invest in a dedicated mobile application now but you do not have to ignore the response factor of your website. In simple words, your site must conform with every gadget and provide the same experience for all customers. Or else, you will lose 25% of your net sales revenue because that is how many mobile shopping brings to business today.

The site’s load time under 2 seconds
visitors online close and bouncing off the site if it takes more than 2 to 3 seconds to load. Patience level decreases further when the browser is running on a mobile device. Even Google AMP promote this feature where the site with a small lightning bolt next to them ranked higher than a standard website. To convert visitors into leads, website design you have to surround the high-speed load time. If not all, many home and landing pages load fast enough to keep your visitors and capture their interest.

Online interaction
simple features such as chatbots and comments can encourage engagement and encourage your visitors further down the sales funnel. A chatbot messages blink in the lower right corner to answer routine questions about the product immediately. The bottom of the blog comments you can make room for more detailed feedback. Plus, ranking onsite, user-generated content and social media feeds can increase the level of interaction that virtually guarantees a lead conversion. Plan with your website development team and explore these options.

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Focus on SEO
Most of this lead generation technique will only work if you have enough visitors, to begin with. And there is no other source to send more targeted visitors from the search engine above. Therefore, search engine optimization is a must as the process starts right from the design stage. Sitemap you create, the pictures you put all important when it comes to SEO. The first 5 links on the Google attracts more than 67% of all clicks. That is where you will want to be as SMB sites.

Strength SEM
The secret sauce for the exponential growth of most small businesses is search engine marketing. This is how you get placed right above the organic results and become the first link that every search online to see. Using PPC is the best way to get attention. In this SEM technique, you are paying for the ads only when users click on your link. If there are no visitors, you do not lose money. The conversion rate Digital Marketing Agency in Stafford thus depends on keyword ads that are posted. With PPC one can look almost one billion users on Google every day.

Use of Social Media
Along with SEO, social media leverage today’s most effective model to generate leads. Creating a page on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube does not cost anything.