Are you facing a low conversion rate of your website? If yes then you need to step your level up. Conversion rate is the most important thing for any online business. It measures the success of their business. If a business has a low conversion rate on their website then it can be assumed that something is wrong with their website and marketing strategy as well. If we talk about the average conversion rate of websites which is 2 percent is pretty good. The Conversion rate sits at the heart of every Digital Marketing campaign. Marketers are continuously finding ways to improve the conversion rate of their websites.

It is very important to analyze the reasons behind the low conversion rate. So that they can be dealt with ease and perfection. But it is equally possible that not every business has the resources and expertise to deal with such issues. Here web development agencies enter the picture. Such new and small businesses that lack the resources to handle these problems need professional help from such agencies.

Citiesagencies is a well-known web development agency. Compounded with experienced web developers and marketing analysts where both work together to provide robust and holistic services. Citiesagencies has built a good reputation in the web development and marketing industry as a result of the wonderful services it provides to its clients. Now, how Citiesagencies can do their part to improve the conversion rate of your website. You will find that out in the upcoming sections

Citiesagencies will improve the conversion rate of your website

improve the conversion rate

We do that by the following ways

➽ By eliminating the distractions from your website

One of the main reasons behind the high conversion rate is too many distractions placed on the site for the visitor. When a visitor lands on a page that has a lot of stuff going on it, this will create a distraction for the visitor which will lead to confusion, and ultimately he will exit the site without making any purchase contributing to the lowering of conversion rate.

Citiesagencies will do away with all the distractions from your site. Our team will make your website clean and accurate. So that user can easily navigate the site and then without getting distracted make a purchase. We would be including only the necessary elements on your page such as clear headline and sub-headings, relevant content with important information, reviews and ratings etc. All this will encourage the visitor to stay on your site which possibly would convert the visitor at the end.

➽ By removing the unnecessary form fields

Having query forms or customer details form is a nice way to keep the visitor on the site. But this does not mean that you will put unnecessary fields in the form just to increase the duration of time spent by the visitor. High sign ups will not in any way, improve the engagement and conversion.

Long forms with unnecessary fields can irritate the visitor. Hence, our team at Citiesagencies will make sure that only the necessary fields are included in the form. Our experts will create the best form for your website which will have essential fields only that are required to follow up with the leads.

➽ By including reviews and ratings

Every online shopper checks the reviews and rating of a product before making a purchase. So it is crucial to have reviews and rating section on your website. For e-commerce sites specially, this should be a fundamental feature. Hence, Citiesagencies will ensure that your website has the review and rating section where anybody can give their reviews of your products and can rate them as well.

This will really help the visitors to decide whether or not they want to make a purchase and most of the times, customers prefer to purchase from a website where they can easily find the review of that product they want to buy.

➽ By adding pop-up to your website

It is evident that conversion rate can be increased by adding pop-up to the website. Many studies have confirmed it. Citiesagencies knows this fact very well and our team will adopt it as well. We will ensure to add a pop-up to your website in order to enhance the conversion rate of your website.

Some methods that we do to make pop-ups productive and effective are by giving the visitors offers like exclusive content, PDFs, premium services, by putting timer on pop-up and so on and so forth. We also make sure that the pop-up is easy to close otherwise it can annoy the customer due to which the conversion may not happen.

➽ By adding live chat feature

in the present era, nobody wants to figure out things on their own. They just want everything to be spoon fed to them (And i am not complaining). Same goes with the websites, for instance, visitors does not like to spend much of their time in browsing the entire site to find the information they are looking for.

Hence, they need some kind of assistance. Citiesagencies will provide that assistance in the form of live chat feature. This is like a one stop destination because it provides all the information to the customers at one place which saves their time as well. Thus, it helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Final thoughts

High conversion rate is a vital thing for every online shopping site. This is important because higher conversion means more business which is the ultimate goal here. Hence, to improve the conversion rate of your website, consider hiring Citiesagencies.

If you have any query or doubt related to our services please get in touch with us.