We welcome 2020 with some free tools and tricks for digital marketing success! With that in mind, we’ve broken down just a few ways you can improve your website so that Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield it works harder to support your business goals, whether it’s driving sales, inform customers or generate leads.

The ideas below should not be charged and does not require extensive construction work – provided you know your way around your website CMS.

meta Description
Also known as a piece of text – this is a short bit of text from your web page that Google displays in search results. Google will automatically show you what it thinks are the most relevant text of your web page, but write your own meta description gives you control over what search engine users will see when looking for services like yours.

There are lots of free plugins available that will allow you to set the meta content for each page – like Yoast SEO, SEOPress or All In One SEO Pack. As you might guess from these titles, this will help you select keywords that are relevant to your web page and let you know where you can improve the nature of your pages to rank higher for these words.

It should be noted that Google has recently increased the length of the text snippet of about 160 characters to 230 on average, which means that even if you write your own meta description you might need this update. It’s good practice to review these every few weeks for your most important pages. As well as including your keywords, it helps to use some of these characters for action calls for and to highlight your unique selling points.

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Get Rid of Dead Ends
Make sure each page working toward your goal – whether it’s getting questions, improve your credibility or make online sales. It is as simple as making sure there is a call to action on every page – for example, at the end of your blog, point readers to other relevant posts that they might find interesting. Continue to remind customers that they can contact you for more information, with a link to the contact page or email address. The page does not encourage further action will lead to more visitors to leave your website at all.

This call to action does not all need to be big or loud – in fact, it can turn visitors off – but included some links that are placed to increase the average length of time people spend on your site and eventually encourage more people to convert.

It is very important for lead generation website but logic also applies to e-commerce; if you have interesting blogs that relate to the product you are selling, make sure you take the opportunity to highlight this to the reader. Do not go overboard – read an article does not necessarily imply an intention to buy – but adds a call to action at the end of your blog is a simple way to attract some extra customers interested.

Create a Mobile-Friendly
Having a mobile-friendly site is certainly a must-have in the digital world. More than 80% of internet users have a smartphone. Google even has said that ‘61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead ‘. If your mobile website is not up to scratch, we would recommend that you look at and try to navigate the web site itself while asking ‘what would be the customer is looking for?’ And ‘not my experience allows them to do these things easily? ‘.

If your website is e-commerce based, then you want to navigate your mobile site to be straight forward as possible. Try not to overwhelm the user with too many drop-down menus, text and images (this can also affect the load speed of your site).

Time to get Social?
The number of monthly users Digital Marketing Company Sheffield on Instagram is 800 million.

LinkedIn has more than 540 million user profiles.

Number of daily Twitter users is 100 million.

22% of the world population use Facebook.

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