We have become used to almost instantly download site today. It was not long ago, with old-fashioned dial-up connections that it could take as much as several minutes to even Digital Marketing Company Stafford get online. Broadband and Wi-Fi power has increased all that.

It is, however, also makes us all a little impatient.

According to recent statistics, 47% of users would expect a page or site to download under two seconds. If it takes longer, 40% will leave the site they’re trying to access. What this means is, if your site is taking too long to download, it could be put visitors off and damage your bottom line and you lose potential sales.

User experience

The first area in which the speed can have an impact on the user experience or UX. It is increasingly important to get right if you want to make sure that visitors to your site to get exactly what they are looking for.

Slow download of pages can be caused by several factors, including:

The connection that people have to the internet and the power of a computer or smart device.

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The quality of your web server or host and the type of package you decide to invest in for your site.

The type of file you have on your site and their size. For example, if you have an image that has a large file size it may take longer to download, especially on some devices.

The number of plugins you have attached to your site can also affect the speed.

Traffic volumes when users access the site, you can make a difference.

slow speed generally leads to lower conversion rate with potential customers head straight to your nearest competitors because they feel frustrated. While a few seconds may not seem a lot, if you lose only one or two customers were definitely something that needs to be addressed.

Speed ​​and SEO

Most people do not realize that the speed of the page can be a ranking factor when it comes to search engines such as Google. Meanwhile, until now, has been seen only as an indication, there is no doubt that Google is seeing the speed of loading as a sign that a site is healthy. This ranking factors will affect mobile-first dominated. Seeing as most of us tend to access the internet on our smartphones today, there is no escaping the importance.

How to Improve Loading Speed

One major way to ensure good speed is to build phase UX design for your website. This is seen in making your site accessible to users and that includes making sure there fast loading speed.

If you see a slower load times with an existing web site, the solution may require several steps to put in place such as reducing the size of image files or reviewing a number of plug-ins.

Maybe there are other problems such as hosting package you’ve already registered or underlying CSS or HTML structure of the site. You may have a larger file that can be suspended from the initial download time without affecting the appearance of your site. You may want to remove unnecessary software that slows the speed or enable caching to ensure that the version of your site is stored on Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford a visitor’s computer, creating a smoother viewing experience.

Noting the download speeds, ensures your visitors get immediate access is essential if you want to protect the bottom line and give the customer the opportunity to buy your products or hire your services.