The Kayabooks’ team of execs possesses the depth and breadth of experience which will assist you together with your immediate and future accounting needs. We provide three main sorts of accounting services which we can optimize at Kayabooks – Bookkeeping, Controllership, and CFO.

In many instances, we’ve learned that clients are conversant in our bookkeeping services, yet they’re uncertain about what’s included within our Controllership and CFO offerings and the way these services might benefit their operations. A method to differentiate between the three accounting categories is to look at each in terms of a timeline – past, present, and future.

Typically, bookkeeping is rooted within the past. Its primary function is to collect and compile historic transactional data into an organized summary of monetary position (balance sheet) and results of operations (profit and loss). The financial statements generated through this process provide the business owner with insight on financial components that affect profitability during the prior period(s).

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Controllership services are oriented towards the middle position of the timeline, with greater emphasis upon this. The Controller services place Kayabooks into a more interactive role with our client’s accounting function by providing guidance to the company’s internal accounting staff on proper Bookkeeping Services in Columbus. Additionally, Controller services also encompass reviewing the accounting staff’s work to assist assurance on the right classification, timing, and completeness of accounting entries.

Accounting services

Our Controllership services also provide an enhanced level of account reconciliation that extends to all or any record accounts. Record reconciliation may be a key aspect of the Accounting Firm in Columbus that helps to make sure 1) the accuracy of the profit and loss statement and 2) the right book valuation of the company’s assets and liabilities.

Kayabooks CFO Program resides more within the future portion of the timeline, although it also includes services that reflect current and prior events. Subcategories of our CFO program include:

Financial statement analysis

Dashboard and “flash” reporting

Cash flow management

Sales forecasting

Assistance in determining key performance indicators (KPIs) appropriate for the client’s business

Budgeting based upon predetermined profit and marketing objectives

Pro forma financial models

Collaboration with various professionals to supply assistance with financing, tax planning, business acquisition, and other projects.

The tools provided under our CFO services allow the business owner or manager to gauge past transactional data with a greater comprehension of their business operations. Furthermore, the proactive nature of budgeting, forecasting, and modelling will help provide competitive advance planning for future contingencies, market position, profitability, and overall cash position.