Marketing is the Future Focus, so when we consider COVID 19th pandemic, we think about what has changed AND how things tend to evolve as we go up the pendulum to work remotely during these challenging times.

Nothing in living memory has impacted Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford the world in quite the way that COVID-19 pandemics have. There are many other global incidents such as recessions and depressions. Tragic as this incident, none of which have global impact of sudden COVID-19 has had. However, on a more positive note, it has been encouraging to see how quickly the world continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and, in particular, IT is playing a supporting role.

In conversation with our major global IT clients, I have observed the following trends, many of which are already in play but has since rapidly accelerated by the pandemic. With restrictions on travel and social distance where we have seen an increasing demand for the following;

cloud computing

Consume computing resources managed by the cloud provider, located deep in datacentres highly automated, freeing staff from having to worry about managing the IT infrastructure. Instead, the staff can concentrate on keeping the business running and adapt to new environments. Another advantage of cloud computing is the ability to scale capacity up or down. With on-demand billing and align pay-per-use fees linked to actual business activity. Some businesses have seen a dramatic drop in demand while others have seen an increase in demand, both ways, cloud computing helps companies manage these fluctuations through turbulent times.

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‘As A Service’ (AAS) victims

While the cloud provides many benefits as described above, it is not the answer to every problem. Companies often want to retain some or all of their IT infrastructure is local or at least under their control such as ‘co-lo’. This could be the reason of control, performance, security or confidentiality. Traditional IT infrastructure players are increasingly giving Aas offerings, which enables clients to enjoy the benefits of on-premise but with a cloud-like economics. For example, Antonio Neri, HPE CEO, has stated,

“(HPE is doing) strategic pivot to offer everything as-a-Service to encourage, sustained profitable growth”

While this has been a common move for the last year or so, there is now the focus has recently famous as VDI solution that enables knowledge workers safe and secure work from home and with the same capabilities they enjoy in the office.

platform collaboration and video conferencing tools

It has seen explosive growth, Zoom has gone from 10 million users in December to 300 million in April, with Microsoft Team now sees more than 75 million daily active users on the platform. Many employers and employees are aware of how they can be efficiently achieved by working remotely. I hope that many of these tools will still be used once a pandemic has passed. Indeed, having recently spoke with several health workers up front, while initially hesitant about the use of video conferencing in their profession, they all expressed shock them in an effective way and how they will continue to use the right time in the future.

While working remotely pendulum has swung completely to the home work, I’m sure it will swing back to some middle ground from time to time. It is one thing to work entirely from home Digital Marketing Companies Stafford during the crisis but others to keep up over a sustained period. Consider, it is estimated that 50% of the UK workforce will be much work in 2020, I imagine that the global pandemic will be the catalyst for a higher percentage in the “New Normal”.

Therefore, the demand for the technology to support collaboration, social interaction (both formal and informal “water cooler” norms of life offices), plus the need to focus and flexibility, facilities, technology.

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