Have you taken your business online? If yes, then I am assuming that you are new to this e-commerce platform. And you might be looking ways to make your e-commerce website perfect right?  

One industry that has benefited so much from this pandemic is the e-commerce industry. Due to the social distancing norms people stopped going to their local markets and turned to their smartphones to shop online. E-commerce companies have gained so much business due to the side-effects of this pandemic. Well it can be a great thing too as people can shop sitting at the comforts of their home, they get great deals which they may not get in their local markets. And now experiencing loss during the pandemic many businesses have entered the e-commerce platform.

If you have also taken your business online then you need to have a great website. E-commerce rely upon the user experience your site provides. User experience and the performance of your site influences the buying decision of the customer. Therefore you need to have a perfect e-commerce website. But making a website perfect is not easy as it sounds. You need professional help of web development agencies. One such competent web development agency is Citiesagencies.

Citiesagencies is there to help you in making your e-commerce website perfect. How? Let’s find that out in the subsequent sections of this article.

Citiesagencies will make your e-commerce website perfect in the following ways

e-commerce website perfect

Let’s jump right in

➽ The design checklist

First and foremost, the basic thing for a website is its design. And for an e-commerce website it is even more important. There are many things involved in this process so you need to have a clear roadmap. And Citiesagencies will make that roadmap for you. We will make sure that every box is checked in your design checklist.

How we will do that? Let’s have a look

  • The first box that we would check is the home page. Home page makes the first impression of your business on the customer. It has to be good. We will design the perfect home page for your e-commerce.
  • After that the product and category pages will be our focus. They are the pages which organize all of your products and services for the customers. Our team will make a seamless product and category page by making sure that the customer gets instant information they are looking for.
  • Registration page and check out page will be our next focus. We will make sure that the registration form contain the necessary field only so that the first time users don’t get irritated. Besides that, our experts will make the checkout page perfect so that the transaction can be seamless and smooth.

➽ Mobile friendly website

This is one of the most important and most overlooked factor. It is very important for your e-commerce website to be mobile friendly. Out team at Citiesagencies will work to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly. Besides that we also focus on making the website responsive as well. We also ensure that your website loads speedily as this affects the traffic that is drawn to your site. Overall if your e-commerce site is mobile-friendly, responsive and fast loading you will witness an increase in traffic on your site which will eventually help in increasing the conversion rate of your site.

➽ Easy to navigate site

An e-commerce website has too much stuff in it that it can become difficult to provide an easy navigation. But Citiesagencies will make it easy. We will make sure that customers are able to navigate your site easily by building custom navigation paths. These include easy access to header navigation menu, product category, filters, on-site search and footer. Because if your website does not provide a good navigation ability to the users, you will end up losing those customers and hence the conversion rate will suffer.

➽ Better user experience

This is the ultimate goal of every website and specifically e-commerce website. We at Citiesagencies will work to make sure that your first time buyer don’t leave your platform. We will ensure that they come back to make purchases. But how do we do that? By making well-thought user experience. User experience does not only ensure that your website is functional, but it also make sure that it is reliable, intuitive, user-friendly and easy to browse. A great user experience gets you higher conversions, repeat purchases, positive reviews and word of mouth recommendation.

  • We will make your site user experience good by assessing the basic UI element of your site.
  • We will measure the effectiveness of layout designs, website performance, page load time and overall website speed.
  • Based on the analysis of all these assessments we will add or delete the design elements.
  • Our professionals will fix the glitches and sluggish pages.
  • These issues often comes from a poor CNS/CDN and hosting provider so our team will fix that as well.

Wrapping up

Online shopping is a common trend these days. If your websites provides all the necessary requirements mentioned above then you can make sure that your site will draw more traffic and produce higher conversions. Citiesagencies can help you with that. I hope this article was able to answer all of your questions. If not, reach out to us.

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