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AI and artificial intelligence continue to be the terms in modern day internet thing. However, you may be able to use AI for your website and utilize the full benefit, without realizing it.

AI idea is that you can use any data in your business, whether it is customer data, machine data or any process, and then with these data, find some key patterns and ways to improve your business. To use the AI, you should be able to find ‘behavior prediction’ – so the behavior is more controlled, less likely to fail and more likely to succeed. So here are some ways you can apply AI to your website.

Search bar on site which is very common, and is often seen in the upper right corner of the screen. It can be used to find information on your website or for customers to search for products.

AI is the ability to tailor search results based on past data and provide a better user experience and the possibility of finding their ideal products.

A common example is how Google uses your search query and then may offer suggestions based on what you and others have been looking for.

The same technology can be used for your eCommerce web site and if you are selling products, fashion products, electronics and other consumer goods.

In the same way, the website also can recommend products to customers using AI.

Amazon has always managed to say ‘people who viewed this also viewed’ or ‘people who bought this also bought … “- and this is based on leveraging the millions of data points and applying AI to this scale in large web sites.

Live chat box which is very popular and saw one of the most B2B and B2C website today. While most of the chat box will have a human or a member of staff behind them, the more tools use AI offer immediate response and answers to customer demand.

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AI has the ability to take questions and using keywords or historical data, it can respond more quickly and steer customers in the right direction.

Live chat box may be the most popular form of AI to the website everyday and most of the company’s AI can offer.

For every site related to customer orders, payments and finance (especially banking), AI can be used effectively for the detection of fraud.

By having a previous customer data fraud, the AI ​​can find patterns between these bad question and flag them when they happen on your website.

AI ability for business purposes is that it can become more intelligent and constantly learning – so if the characteristics and new features coming in the fraud case, can also be highlighted in future claims.

Already used by the likes of Facebook and Yell, AI can allow your website to recognize images and flags any suspicious or considered dangerous for their users.

Using different properties, features and characteristics of a bad image, the website can use the AI ​​to continue to stay on top of the image may be uploaded by other parties and maintain a high level of quality.

For sites that are putting out a lot of news and editorial content such as websites, many are beginning to experiment with AI.

Already a very generic look for posts Digital Marketing Agency Bournemouth such as football match reports, AI is able to pull data based on results and scores, and retrieve information from other news sources so that they can be created and uploaded directly.