One of the major aims of digital marketers is to get high conversion rate to the site. Obviously, high conversion rate means more sales leads thereby high revenue to the site. Without getting conversion, you can’t think of generating revenue to the business. BUT conversion rate depends upon the landing pages. What landing page is, you ask? Simply putting, a landing page is a website page which is created specifically for marketing or advertising campaign. Landing page is a place where:

  • People or site visitors click on a link
  • Visit marketing campaign
  • Visitors click on different types of ads like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.
landing page

If you’re novice and have no idea about creating landing pages, then Curvearro is here to help you with that. Read this article to know how Curvearro helps you create landing pages.

Curvearro uses following tactics to create attractive landing page

↳ Eye-catching and attractive headlines

Headline is one of the first things which visitors see on your landing page. That’s why keeping headline attractive, eye-catching, and short easily catch the attention of people. But not every marketer knows how to create attractive headline, that’s where Curvearro’s professionals help you with that and create a persuasive headline for your landing page. You never know that a headline will help you get good amount of traffic to your site and lowers your bounce.

↳ Ad copy and headline should be familiar

What does it mean? Let’s understand this. If you have a website and running business then you would definitely think of creating compelling ad copy or ad campaign on your landing page. So, if you creating ad copy in landing page then you have to make sure that its content should match with landing page. If your ad and headline is different, users would get confused and immediately leave your website. Professionals at Curvearro help you create an attractive ad copy for your landing page.

↳ Including images which are relevant and informative

Infographics and images play a great role in marketing or products promotion. Today, textual content are no more important. People like visual content more than text content. Since you’re into digital marketing, you have to add important images to site which can easily attract your customers. If you don’t know which image is good and suitable for your brand, then Curvearro experts are here to help you with just that.

↳ Adding call to action on right place

If you landing page doesn’t include any call to action button, forget about getting any sales leads to the business. And one should not forget that call to action is one of the major factors affecting conversion rate. And this is the second major factor after headline. You may not know how to create a compelling call to action. But you shouldn’t worry when we’re here to help you with that. We create short and precise call to action containing 5-6 words.

↳ Make web design responsive

Web design especially responsive web design is very important to get traffic to the website. What do we mean when we say web design should be responsive? It means you website should not only be desktop friendly but mobile friendly as well. Your website designs should easily accessible and open in mobile devices. We all know that the number of mobile users is getting increase with each passing day worldwide. If you neglect mobile users, you will lose huge audience who can become your potential customers. Therefore, we help marketers make their website mobile optimized and mobile friendly.

The conclusion

So, what’s your take on after reading this article? Are you ready to outsource our service for landing pages? Let us tell you that the list of creating landing page tips doesn’t end here. Rather there are many more tips which are required to make a perfect landing page to get plenty of conversion rates. But for that you have to get in touch with us. We ensure to provide you all the services which will help you generate conversion rate. And ultimately you end up achieving all the goals you have set in your business.

Waiting forward to meeting you soon.