As the brand take the customer experience to the next level, the buying process has become a thing of beauty. The new wave of e-commerce websites such as Shoes of Prey give their offline counterparts a serious run for their money.
online can be beautiful
The challenge with online Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle sales experience is that there is no direct human contact. Your website is your client’s personal shopper, seller and the customer service rep. However, some brands such as Shoes of Prey has managed to create an experience that is jaw-droppingly amazing. An elegant sites in pleasant colors, the use of images tasteful and intuitive navigation make the consumer purchase experience something to covet.

Bespoke services and products are all the rage these days as a young professional success as older customers as well as the well heeled are looking for something unique. The need to have something that you can call your customization itself has spawned brilliantly adapted for online media. Because the features customers themselves choose, there is little room for a mix-up and the customer walks away feeling great about having played a part in designing their products.

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For example, Shoes of Prey lets you choose everything from the color of your shoes, style and even what type of skin you want to use. heel heights can be adjusted with a nice rule inch, ornaments can be added and you can even decide on the way back from a shoe that is cut (doing away with pesky shoe bites).

elegant simplicity
Shoes of Prey got it right with their easy to follow process step-by-step instructions for adjusting a pair of shoes. At each stage, you will be shown a beautiful sketch or drawing of options to choose from. Customers begin by choosing the basic styles ranging from flat oxfords for gladiator heels and ballet flats and more.

After you make this initial selection, a little help button pop up to guide you through the process. The trick is to simplify things as much as possible so the customer focuses on the product offered and do not need to waste time on how to really get around the website.

inspire customers
Your customers might sometimes need a little push in the right direction. You will have your staff bring over their design might like based on what they are going through in shelf exploration in offline stores. Online, Shoes of Prey threw a shoe designed previously come from a similar choice made by you.

These images can inspire customers to experiment with different patterns and add-ons for their own products as well. You may also have a blog or inspiration boards to give them ideas to make their own. Shoes of Prey has Style Advice section where you can pick up tips, and galleries to browse through shoes that can inspire you to double the purchase or vote for something ‘off the shelf’ and then change it!

Last leg
Service is everything. And the last leg of this can make or break a purchase experience. Make it simple for them to pay. Stand or support helplines offer online chat if possible. Let the customer know when they can expect a response to an email. Then keep your promise.

The way the product is packaged when delivered can be a big part of the customer experience. Brands such as Shoes of Prey has been recognized as an opportunity to make another ‘wow’ moment for the customer. Shoes of Prey placing a printed image of the shoes in the box so you can quickly find it when you tuck your new partner go with your collection.

A personal note inside the package, and some beautiful packaging can blow the socks off the customers. And that’s how some brands have taken the purchasing experience and turn it into Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle an experience of a lifetime.

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