Website design is a difficult thing to get right. There are so many people out there with different tastes, views and preferences for what they feel looks good and convey their brand or business in the best way possible. In the end, whatever you use your website to have to dictate the structure and design. Your goal may be to inform Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham the existing customer base, or perhaps to attract and convert new customers or perhaps a way for you to sell more products. When designing your website, you should always components segment your site into a specific landing page style. This is important no matter the strategy behind your overall site. There are several reasons for this include:

It gives you a place to funnel customers to of the important pages on your web site
You need something that allows you to monitor how your visitors interact with your message, tone and voice
It helps you convert more visitors
Here are four simple ways you can try to create stunning landing pages and convert more of your Web site traffic into customers.

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Think about the psychology behind your customers
Now this is not as in depth as the title would lead you to believe. It is important to know what motivates people to fill out a form, buy a product or service involved. Why? Because as a business that you can do as much as possible on your landing pages to optimize for this psychological motivation. It may be a certain color or the number of fields in the form or the type of image you are using. Understanding why people will take action and for what reasons can help you create pages that speak to them before they hear what you say. One of the most overlooked things you can do is talk to the existing customers. Why do they buy from you? Are you trustworthy? Are you a leader in your field? Are you the best price? Remember harder to convey trust and authenticity online than in person so try to find a niche pockets which helps you separate yourself from competitors and customers to use your products and services.

Once you know what drives existing customers to engage with your business then you can insert it into your landing page. Maybe a video that explains, customer testimonials or a particular product or service that solves a problem. Whatever it is make sure that you highlight and call all of your messages.

Design is important, but the split testing is very important
The design can always be improved but how can it be improved? Not with your friend on the street asking what his opinion about it. You need the actual data to validate your assumptions behind why a particular style or message or do not work. You might think it looks great but the customer gets the message or engage them to do something? The best way to achieve this is to split test landing pages your customers where you want them to take action. A simple example is where you want someone to fill out a form on your website. Running two pages and send traffic is different for each. Which is the better performance over a span of time? Optimize and improve the performance of the page and drop page are performing poorly. Repeat over and over to try to continue to improve your conversion rate. your competitors are constantly working on ways to get out of your business. This is a simple way to keep your competitive edge.

Highlight previous customer interactions
People often overlook the value of testimonials really good. One of the best ways to grow organically business is word of mouth and referrals. As a business owner to use this to your advantage. While something you say may have zero impact on someone view your website the same view was expressed by the customer will hold Digital Marketing Companies in Nottingham much more weight. Why? Because these visitors see the same customers as they are.

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